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Kerry Blue

This is a mini wool sculpture of a Kerry Blue Terrier. (This breed is commonly mistaken for a Schnauzer). The head can be positioned at different angles.
medium / tools: wool roving, 2 buttons, felting needle.


Baby Mockingbird and Nest

This is a baby mockingbird nest, complete with a newly-hatched mockingbird, an egg, and shell fragments.
medium / tools: twiggs, wool roving & felting needle.


Creamy Yellow Camelia

Crafted from a variety of colored wool roving (pictured behind the floral sculpture), this camellia is a life-sized bloom opening up to the warmth of the sun.
medium / tools: wool roving and felting needle.

Mockingbird Nest

A light blue mockingbird egg with tiny brown speckles rests in this little nest crafted of wool and sticks. A hands-on display for a Nature Table, home or classroom. May also be secured onto a pin to be worn as a fashion accessory upon request

medium / tools: twiggs, wool roving, felting needle, wool yarn

Photo: All-NaturWool, June 2009


Flame Point Saimese Cat

On book shelves he perches
peering out
so sweetly
In our fingers he plays
so creatively

medium / tools: wool roving... sculpted with felting needle.